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Texas Fall & Winter

It's Thursday, November 14, and I am enjoying the comforts of my warm home, a hot meal and the gentle massage of my Human Touch recliner.  As the morning begins dawning I observe the absolute stillness, the sparking white frost covered ground and leaves falling from trees. The only noise accompanying this morning's solitude is the acorns falling on the deck.  With our digital weather station hitting 32 degrees last night at 8:30 and still dropping, we have our first major freeze of the fall and a great morning to be at home!

Fall and Texas winters are wonderful fishing seasons and a great time of year.  Some of the most productive fishing days occur just before cold fronts and a few days afterwards.  For the next few months fish have a tendency to concentrate in bigger schools and stay localized for longer periods of time.  Fishing mid-day and afternoon, in the warmth of the day, is generally most effective.  When combining milder daytime temperatures and lighter winds, the enjoyment factor increases greatly for my clients and me.  Then there are the cold, wet and windy days.  Those are the days I try to avoid being on the water.  They are the days I stay at home, regroup, re-organize the tackle, re-spool the reels, catch up on bookkeeping, do some writing and re-focus.

This is the time of year for festivities and family gatherings but it can also be a time of sadness and depression for those divested of family by location, stability or even the lose of a loved one.  My prayer is that God's love for you and your love for God will be your comfort and anchor in times of grieving and joy.  Let us, as individuals and as a nation, commit to a strong relationship with God.  We will be amazed at what blessings He will pour out on us and our nation.

Focus on what's really important and trust God to do His part.  He always delivers on His promises!

Barry Dodd

Nov 16, 2013 at 7:39 AM