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"Barry- I did enjoy you taking me for quite a comprehensive boat tour of Canyon Lake yesterday morning. My objective was becoming acquainted with lake and facilities as priority over fishing, and thanks to you, I departed marina fully satisfied. 

Only one reservation/ concern;-- I surprised and somewhat disappointed, we not observing more fish, and wondering if Canyon Lake offers more to those seeking water recreation / play over fishing? For sure I observed lots of quality water and I appreciate the water depth, but the fish quantity observed over 3 morning hours was very limited. Nevertheless, you can expect me making contact in early October requesting a one full-day outing during that month or perhaps November focused on fishing only. 

I could not expect a more professional, accommodating expertise, and the equipment provided is no doubt the very best available. Additionally, your personality and background as fellow senior citizen, and fishing "educator" is respected and enjoyable. I feel fortunate to know you as new friend, and looking forward to we spending more time together.” -  Ben W.

"Hi Barry - We had a great time fishing - the boat was terrific and fast and fun, very high tech with the fish finder equipment which was new to us and impressive. Greg was personable and determined! At first we only caught little fish we would maybe term perch baitfish and my kids were underwhelmed. When we caught a bass it got more exciting. The kids got slightly bored after hour 3 … but Greg was determined to get Everton to catch and reel in a big (bigger) birthday bass and I thought that was Very Sweet, especially because just after 7pm (the fishing got better after the sun started going down) we found a spot with some fish (after striking out in two other places) we DID get a big bass and he got to reel it in with much excitement! The kids were desperate to get in the water, so that was difficult that they couldn’t cool off and swim - the water looks SO inviting to Houstonians who only have bad brown water to swim in! I would recommend your charter because there was fishing, teaching, a terrific lake, a fast fun boat, and Greg catered to whether we wanted help or not … I know some friends in The Woodlands who would love what you offer. Thank you for the great memory (and brag!) for my son! - Gabriella H.

"Barry, Thanks so much for a great experience. It was quite refreshing knowing that we were with a man of God! I really appreciated started our fishing trip with a word of prayer. There is nothing like talking to the Father and inviting Him into our daily lives. May God continue to bless you and your wife! Your kind words about our team are greatly appreciated! Thanks for the pictures also!” - Melvin H. Denver Nuggets

"What a great fishing trip we had Tuesday at Canyon Lake. You were so professional from the moment we met until we returned to the landing with our fish. Thanks for your patience when we got hung up in brush to explaining how to fish with the bait to be most successful. I can certainly reccommend you to anyone who would want a wonderful day on the lake. I know that you could put the fish on my hook, but thank you for being such a great guide.” - Jim C.

"Barry is the ultimate fish guide, from Oregon to the Texas coast I have had numerous guides put me onto fish, but Barry Dodd is the ultimate pro.  From finding the honey holes to imparting his vast experience to the minute details, I had a great experience and caught lots of fish – great adventure, great guide and lots of fish!” - Rick M.

"My wife and I chartered Barry at "Teach "Em to Fish Guide service" and could not have been more happy.  Barry is a knowledgeable fisherman and total delight as a guide.  Tammie and I really enjoyed the fishing and Barry's company too.  I can't imagine a more likable guide and person on the lake.  He's the consummate professional, and all around great guide.  Tammie and I will be back to fish with him again!  Thanks Barry!” - Stephen S.

"Thanks again for a fantastic fishing trip last Friday! I'm still excited about learning the drop shot and wacky rig techniques and catching some nice fish. I also enjoyed spending the day with you chatting about fishing and life experiences. I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to learn how to fish. The name of your guide service says it all..."Teach 'Em To Fish" and you certainly did that! Thanks again and I plan to schedule a river fishing trip soon!" - Ken D.

“I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the thoroughly enjoyable time we had together on Canyon Lake. I have caught more fish, but never had a more pleasant afternoon. Your patience with my grandsons was much appreciated. I didn’t plan to spend much time fishing as I knew the boys would need a lot of help. You spent the entire time helping us get squared away and your patience was a witness any Christian would be proud to observe.” – D. S. Wells

"Mr. Dodd, My dad and I had a great time fishing Lake Dunlap with you on April 1st! The scenery was amazing. I caught three decent Bass and my dad caught a really nice sized Bass ~ about three pounds. My mom found you on the internet and was a bit worried hiring a guide she had never heard of, but when she read your testimonial…she knew you were the perfect guide for my dad and me. We will definitely call you again when we return to San Antonio. Thanks again for a good time on the water on Lake Dunlap. P.S. We have found that there are Black Grackles in Florida…their just not as big!" - D&A Price

"Just a line to say ‘thank you’ so much for such a pleasurable fishing experience. Getting this gift of a day of fishing was one of the best things that I have experienced in quit a while.

Even though the day was the coldest one of the year so far, It didn’t deter from the experience one bit. From the start you worked with us and had planned the night before where to go to keep us from freezing until it warmed up. All we had to was show up and fish your hot spots.

Being from ‘up north’, we both had some fishing experience but having you show me some of your tips and techniques was really exciting and eye opening. Your patience and outlook for the day was so awesome, you couldn’t help but be lost in the moment of it all.

Time flew by so fast, we forgot to eat. But, your thoughtfulness of bringing brownies for my birthday was not overlooked and really appreciated. Your kindness and patience, especially helping us untangle snags, was something I won’t soon forget.

Even when we fished all we could, you still toured us around the lake as it was something I wanted to do. So Barry, ‘thank you’ so much, it was truly a BLESSED day to meet you and learn, enjoy and relax. We will definitely be back for more."- Todd

“Hey Barry, thanks again for a great day on the lake. Here are the pictures Travis and I took. You and use any or all of them if you want. I can’t wait to try the wacky worm technique on the river here at my place. I’d be glad to recommend you to anyone. Just tell them to call."  Later, Mike

“I had such a pleasurable experience on Lake Amistad. The weather conditions could not have been more challenging with winds gusting from 30 to 40 miles per hour each day. I was so impressed with your determination to find the fish and your skills at knowing what to use to catch them.I am thankful to say that we limited out each day, and even did some culling to put bigger fish in the live well. Your christian witness was evident the entire trip. You told me if you don’t throw into the submerged trees you can’t catch the fish. That was great advice, but you spent a great deal of time getting me out of brush. You never lost your patience and I believe I can honestly say I have made a new friend. I look forward to using your guiding service again and will recommend you to my friends and family.” – Jim C.

“Mr. Barry just want to thank you for the fishing trip on 9/10/11. I had a great time and learned a few new ways to approach fishing. The drop shot is a very effective way to fish. If I get a chance to do it again I would most definitely would hire you as my guide. Thank you” – Alvin H.

"Barry, Kenny and I had a great day with you and learned more in a few hours than we could ever have self taught ourselves. Not to mention catching more fish in one trip than we have caught in a dozen." - Wayne, 3/29/11

"Thanks for guiding us yesterday on the Guadalupe. We had a very enjoyable morning with you and learned a tremendous amount from your patient teaching. Justin and I both agreed it was one of our best days fishing ever!" - D. Dennard

"Mr. Barry I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your service once again. I'm looking forward to hiring you for a third time next year. Thank you." - Alvin H

"Just wanted to thank you again for a great day of fishing on the Guadalupe. Scenery was awesome and the fishing was great. You are a real gentleman. Can't wait to do it again." - Fitz

"My wife and son had a blast fishing on Canyon Lake. Your patience with the three of us and yourself in one boat was very relaxing for me. My wife and son had a great time outfishing me thanks to you. Your time and experience was well worth our money. Thanks again!" - Mike B.

"This is Devin. I want to tell you about my fishing trip with my PawPaw. We went fishing in his boat and fished in the brush. I caught four fish in the bushes. One thing I learned about fishing is to listen to the person that is teaching you and you will catch fish. I think my PawPaw is the best fisherman on earth." - Devin