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Skin N' Bones by Canyon Plastics, Inc.

Discovering unique fish catching soft plastic baits does not happen often.  That’s why I am very excited about my new find.  This bait is called “Skin N’ Bones” by Canyon Plastics, Inc., located in Arizona.  Canyon makes these baits in two sizes, 4” and 5 1/2”.  I have been using them with all types of finesse style bass fishing rig; drop shot, mojo, shaky head jigs, split shot and light Carolina.  Not only do these soft plastic baits catch bass but they are also much more rugged than other plastics.  I have caught several fish on one bait, which is absolutely wonderful.  Extra fish on the same bait is a big plus.

These baits have a very unique shape.  I guess you could call them worms but they are far different that a conventional soft plastic worm. The tail is long, round and tapers to a point.  The head is wide and has air trapping “hair like fins” which taper into the tail.  The extra head girth and “hair” helps hide the hook and seems to make the bass attack it from the head.  It’s action is ever so tantalizing.  It shivers and dances with even the slightest movement.  Skin N’ Bones is manufactured (as of this writing) in 12 unique colors.  The Bama Bug and Shad are among my favorite.  One last thing that is unique, they are sold in 10 packs and 25 packs.  I buy the 25 bait packs.

In a test last week, I fished a specific spot with the Skin N’ Bones and had three bass.  I switched to my standard name brand finesse worm and fished the same spot for several more minutes and did not get a single hit.  I switched back to the Skin N’ Bones and was hit immediately.  This happened on three more consecutive casts with the Skin N’ Bones. Now you know why I am so excited about this unique find...because they work!  This is the companies website and the Skin N’ Bones page:  Go buy some and be impressed.

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Barry Dodd

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Jul 15, 2013 at 9:18 PM