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Products of Choice

Fish and Ski Marine Are you looking for a boat dealership that is fair, honest, trustworthy and genuinely friendly?  I found one and so can you.  I live over five hour away from Fish and Ski but that did not deter me from buying from them.  Chris (owner) and Ben (brother and financing guru) have treated me like family.  Since my purchase and as a Pro Staff member, Chris and Ben have extented me opportunities to talk face-to-face and straight-up with folks at the Dallas Boat Shows about my experiences and purchases.  This is important because I get to watch them interact with customers, first hand.  Even in chaotic boat show conditions their entire staff is dedicated to serving each customer’s needs, rather than their own.  They truly want each customer to be satisfied and not just sold a product.  Although my passion is fishing, these guys get it "different strokes for different folks", thus their name - Fish and Ski Marine

Lund Boats They're not just another boat company.  Lund's obsession for uncompromising quality, rugged durability, exceptional performance and their innovative methods of blending storage, spaciousness and comfort with superbly engineed stability is unmatched in the industry.  No doubt, good looks is important, but safety combined with a smooth comfortable ride in rough water and plenty of room for everyone to fish allows for relaxation and more fun.  My Lund 2075 Pro V Bass XS is a very pleasant fishing platform and you will remember it’s spaciosness and well planned design.

Mercury Marine Outboard Motors - From the moment my Mercury Verado 250 Pro starts you will be impressed.  The outboard is so quiet that it’s hard to hear it running.  Once in gear and foot pedal pressed down, the supercharged engine catapults the 21’ Lund bass boat on plane in a matter of seconds.  The responsiveness of all digital controls and power steering, coupled with antivibration design, fuel economy and quietness is like no other outboard I have ever seen.  You may not notice it running but you will appreciate the power and smoothness. 

St. Croix Rods - When you set out to uncover what makes a St. Croix different from other rods, you need look no further than the engineer sitting right beside the rod designer. It’s a partnership that’s produced such breakthroughs as St. Croix’s exclusive Integrated Poly Curve® and Advanced Reinforcing Technology.™ Rod performance is only as good as the design behind it — and rest assured, before they even think about sending a rod through for production, they make sure they spend as much time as necessary in the design department to assure that every St. Croix rod is engineered and developed to outperform all others.  Greater sensitivity, more backbone power, engineered high-tech materials and less mass weight creates unsurpassed responsiveness that transfers fishing pleasure into fish catching instruments.  Once I bought and used my first St. Croix Legend Tournament bass rod (about 10 years ago), I became a believer in their products.  About 90% of my bass rod arsenal are Legend Tournament supplemented with Avid X.  

American Angler USA  - I fillet thousands of crappie every year and have used lots of different electric and manual fillet knifes.  Unfortunately, I have found that the majority of the electric ones will not last a single season and the manual knives won’t hold an edge.  That’s why you will always find me using American Angler fillet knives, either electric or manual.  I prefer the electric because it faster, less effort is needed to cut through the bones and it has about twice the power as the other electric brands.  They offer many blade styles for specific needs from cutting bread and meats to filleting fish.

Pro Angler Tackle - High quality crappie fishing equipment designed by professional fishing guides who use this gear everyday.  Their custom made crappie rods are sensitive enough to feel every little tap, light enough to fish all day and strong enough to haul in the biggest slabs. Whether you are fishing for sunfish, crappie or catfish, Pro Angler Tackle has what you need.  I use Pro Angler Tackle rods for all my crappie fishing.  Depending on the specific fishing technique, the rods range in lengths from 4.5’ to 14’.  I have never had a Pro Angler Tackle rod break while fighting a fish, not even a 5’ gar.  

Bee Ready Rod Holders The world’s best fishing rod holders. Whether you’re fishing for 1/2 pound perch or 200 pound groupers, these rod holders take care of business.  The unique design allows for fast hook-sets with virtually no interference.  With so many mounting options, these rod holders are as effective as portable holders along the lakeside as they are for permanently mounting to boat and docks. Quick disconnecting and storing is no problems, even on bass boats, like mine.

Humminbird You want a fish finder for one reason: to see what’s going on under your boat. Humminbird Professional Grade Sonar Technology gives you the best look possible. Humminbird gives you the clearest, most accurate picture possible of fish, the bottom and structure. And every glimpse counts. I am currently using a Solix 15” on the console networked to an Onix 10” on the bow and am amazed at the clarity and funtionality of these units.

Minn Kota puts the functionality, convenience and effectiveness of trolling motors, battery chargers and shallow water anchors right in your hands.  Also networked on my boat is a Minn Kota Terrova 80# iPilot Link trolling motor.  Having the sonar and positioning technology components working seamlessly together gives me a tremendous advantage in finding fish and staying positioned to catch them.

LakeMaster -Their high-definition map card's accuracy & detail combined with Humminbird's ground breaking side imaging sonar capabilities give anglers advantages on the water like never before.  What sold me on LakeMaster mapping is the adjustable depth color shading and lake level adjustment.

Fins - For more than 20 years Fins has produced consistently high quality braided fishing lines. Now, people are at a loss for words attempting to describe just how superior FINS 40G is relative to all other braids on the market.  Most adjectives have been used (and mostly overstated) claiming the line in their box is the best. However, Fins 40G unique composite structure gives it a smooth mono like feel and the smallest diameter to strength ratio Fins has ever offered.  It is a pleasure to experience, greatly reduces wind knots, virtually silent, remarkably strong for its small diameter, easy to tie strong knots and is spooled on almost every bass fishing reel I use.

Izorline This premium fishing line was created to provide the ultimate in strength, dependability, durability, high abrasion resistance, low stretch, and high quality.  When crappie fishing, I use Izorline 12# natural color (white) Brutally Strong Spectra as the main line on spinning reels because of its extreme suppleness, tiny diameter and durability.  Then 6# to 10# Izorline XXX Super Co-Polymer line is used for leader.  After more than 10 years of use, it's still my product of choice whencrappie fishing.

Owner Hooks The next time you go bass fishing, give yourself the best possible chance for success...have OWNER hooks tied to the end of your lines.  With some many speciality Owner hooks styles, supreme sharpness and precise wire tensile strength, Owner hooks are always my first choice for bass fishing

Cocoons Eyewear - focuses all their efforts on designing and manufacturing optical grade sun wear that can be worn over prescription eyewear. Their patented range of OveRx® products are available from eye care professionals and better quality sporting goods retailers in over thirty countries, delivering optical grade sunwear solutions to millions of people who wear prescription eyewear.  My very sensitive eyes cannot tolerate bright sunlight and looking past water glare is imparitive to seeing beneath the water’s surface.  That’s why I have several pairs of cocoons, each having different colored lens to maximize visibility during specific lighting conditions. 

Quantum Rod and Reels - Combining the latest, high-performance materials with angling and engineering know-how, they have always strove to make the most reliable fishing gear for your money.  It’s why their innovative products consistently win industry honors and high praise from outdoor writers. And it’s why hard-core weekend anglers and saltwater guides across the country trust their rods and reels to put more (and bigger) fish in the boat year after year.

Simms Wherever you fish, you’re going to find fishing guides. And wherever you find fishing guides, you’re going to find Simms. Guides need gear that is functional, innovative and can withstand whatever abuse they put it through. What does that mean for someone who’s not a professional guide? Anything that’s designed to meet the performance needs of guides is gear you can count on. Simms. The choice of professional guides. And anyone else who lives to fish.

STA-BIL is the best ethanol problem fighter for marine applications. Prevents corrosion from moisture & ethanol-induced water attraction. Improves marine engine performance year-round.  After blowing a 150 Yamaha engine in 2006, due to ethanol gas, I have used Marine Formula Sta-Bil and not had an ethanol related problems since.

EZEE STEP is a company that makes custom boat trailer steps specific to you boat/trailer specifications.  Their steps make launching a boat by yourself much safer and easier.  I am a satisfied customer.