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Okuma C3-40X Rod Review

I began fishing Okuma products about 15 years ago, when most folks had never heard of the brand.  I have been fishing with their VSystem spinning reels, Komodo bait casting and Helios fly reels.  This year I plan on getting a couple of their new spinning reels, which I am sure are great reels, as well.  However, this review is not about their reels but their rods.

I purchased a couple this past year and have used them for more than 8 months.  One is a C3X-C-711H bait caster, which I use for big bait cranking, like deep divers, Alabama rigs and swim baits.  The other is a C3X-S-701M spinning rod, which I use primarily for fishing light jigs and worms. Both rods are incredibly light and sensitive so fishing with them all day long is not laborious.

On the 7' 11" heavy power rod, I have Okuma's Komodo 11 bearing 5.4:1 gear ration casting reel.  In my opinion, this combination is perfect for my specific use.  The longer rod makes distance casting a breeze.  The C3X graphite material is extremely sensitive.  It translates the slightest tap or deflection to my hands, which is paramount to knowing when to set the hook versus bottom structure clues. The split handle with "Carbon Cone" grips is very comfortable and very easily cleaned, which keeps it looking new.

This is what Okuma says about this rod:

The original introduction of Okuma C3 rods rocked the fishing tackle industry with split grip designs constructed from graphite cones for long-wearing durability and the most sensitive rod an angler could take hold of. C3-40X rods build upon that initial excellence with lighter, better balanced and more sensitive rods than ever before. The heart and soul of C3-40X rods are incredibly responsive, extra-fast action 40-ton carbon blanks. Not to inhibit the blank material, refined split grips with the fore grip being eliminated, ALPS Titanium guide frames, and Pac Bay Minima reel seats keep every bit of power, yet shed every extra ounce of weight. A moveable Fuji hook keeper allows for angler placement in the most ergonomic and advantageous position.  FLW Champion Scott Martin comments on C3-40X rods as truly unbelievable, with the 7'11" models being the "best balanced" rods that exist.

On the 7' 1" medium power spinning rod I have mounted one of my VSystem reels.  This rod has a fast tip which works well when one needs a little more hook setting power.  I personally do not use this rod for drop-shot and shaky-head tactics because I like an extra fast tip, but some of my clients prefer this rod over my others because they say they can feel the bite better.  That is one reason I have so many different types of equipment.  Each person needs to use the equipment that works best for them, not what seems right to me.  This rod has all the same features as the bait casting model and balanced wonderfully with the VSystem reel.

There is one thing I do not like about these rods, the Fuji removable hook keeper.  I tried them for about a month and then took them off and installed permanent ones, which I make.  In summary, Okuma's rods and reels are worth the money and I recommend their use.  As a professional, I buy quality products.  Products I know will give me and my clients trouble free operation for years.  No fishing equipment can guarantee fish catching success, but quality equipment will make your time on the water more enjoyable and when that big one does take your bait, quality equipment makes all the difference.

Barry Dodd

Jan 14, 2013 at 11:13 AM