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Jigging for Crappie - Beginning of a Series

Crappie fishing is a wonderfully fun action packed angling sport and the firm white very mild meat is a superior tasting table fare. Whether you are looking for a bag full of filets or just get excited catching and releasing, jigging for crappie is a skill well worth learning.

Jigging is nothing more than tying a small 1/32 to 1/8 oz jig onto your line and dropping it in the water over a school of crappie, teasing them a bit and jerking when they thump the jig.  Honestly, if the crappie below you and actively feeding, the jig is at the correct depth and you jerk at the correct time, you can catch ‘em.

Since crappie fishing is relatively inexpensive and this is the beginning of the good catching season, this series will cover very helpful information and instruction on jig fishing for crappie.

Check back often as I delve into this fun angling art style.


Nov 11, 2015 at 7:08 PM