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Fishing Report - End of March 2013

The bass bite is very good on all the lakes I fish due to the increasing day and night time temperatures.  Canyon and LBJ are still the coolest at 61 to 65 degrees while Dunlap and Choke are in the high 60s and low 70s.  Over the last two weeks all the lakes are producing some pretty good numbers of bass and crappie in shallow water, 1’ to 8’. Smaller lures are working better than larger, for numbers of bass.  Just about every kind of lure is currently working due to the spawn.

Water at Choke is now down almost 19’ and Canyon about 10’.  For Choke, all the normal fishing spots are high and dry and the water clarity is muddy to very cloudy.  Dropping water levels puts a strain on fish for spawning because they are unsure about where to build their nests.  The bigger bass on Choke are much harder to catch this year.  This applies to bass, crappie and catfish.  Last week I fished Choke for a couple days and the largest was only 5.5 pounds; however, we caught about 30 per day.  We also caught a few crappie for the frying pan.

Dunlap is pretty cloudy over most of the lake.  This is due to all the boat traffic and high winds.  The wind blew so hard most days that it made it impossible to fish some of the more productive areas. In the areas and time I was able to see and fish over bedding bass, I found bass in the 7 to 9 pound range.  However, I was not able to fish over them long enough nor see well enough to entice those sows to bite.  

Canyon & LBJ are just now heating up.  The lakes are pretty much constant level lakes so dropping water levels is not a problem for them. Large numbers of fish are being caught in the 1’ to 8’ range and most of these are buck bass, with a few sows in the mix.  There is an increasing number of nice size smallmouth caught on Canyon, which is great.  They are very health and fight harder than the largemouth. On both lakes, finding calmer warmer water with sand and pea size gravel is the key.  On LBJ, fish those area that possess the these features around grassy and weedy areas to really pinpoint the spots.

If you have been holding off waiting for the spawn before booking your guided outing, don’t wait any longer.  This is the time!

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Apr 1, 2013 at 8:17 AM