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Fishing Report  - Final for April 2013

Choke Canyon

Fished Choke several times in April.  Lake is down nearly 20'.  There is no grass to be found and traveling the lake is becoming more dangerous as the lake continues to fall.  If you do not fish the lake often you will quickly find that your normal fishing spots are now part of the bank.  I was able to locate some pretty good numbers of bass but had a difficult time boating the bigger bass.  The spawn is over and the bass should be back to  normal activity within the next couple weeks.  Each time I fished the lake it was windy and the water color was very stained.  Plan of working points close to deeper water and look for  wood near the drop offs.  Soft plastics and crankbaits in natural colors worked best the last few times.


I fished Dunlap a number of times in April and caught pretty good numbers of bass near docks with soft plastics and crankbaits.  The spawn is now over and the bass are moving back to the deeper breaks.  The water color is nice with the clearer water closer to I-35 and the more stained water as you progress towards the dam.  Watermelon, pumpkin and shad colors have worked best for me.


LBJ is a jewel of a lake to fish; especially when water levels are dropping on most lakes.  There is grass, rock, humps, docks and wood to fish which really makes for a nice variety of fishing options during the day.  The lake has an abundance of baitfish and bass often school allowing for multiple catches quickly.  The lake normally has good water clarity and the lake views are always impressive.  I have been booking many more trips on LBJ this year and catches have been good.  The bass spawning beds are now vacant but the bream beds are loaded.  The same patterns as most lakes works best...points with grass or wood next to deeper water and docks located close to the same type conditions is where most bass hang out.  The early morning topwater bite is coming up soon, which is a blast.


I did not spend as much time on Canyon as other lakes during April.  The lake is still about 10’ low and very clear, especially near the dam.  Canyon has produced very well this year and I expect it to continue.  Like the other lakes, the spawn has come and gone so the bass should be going back to their normal habitat and patterns.

San Marcos River

I had a guided kayak trip on the San Marcos river in the middle of April.  It was so windy that we were being blown upstream, all day.  The water was pretty stained for that river and bass fishing was tougher than normal.  We did manage to catch a few nice size bass but were disappointed the numbers caught was not up to par.  Small water bodies are affected more by radical temperature fluctuations than larger bodies and we have had more than our share of fluctuation temperatures.  Like today, May 2, 58 degrees for a high and sustained northerly winds of 25 miles per hour with higher gusts.  Go figure! The fish are as confused as the fishermen.

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May 3, 2013 at 3:16 AM