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End of January 2013 Fishing Report

I spent Friday on Canyon Lake with a good fisherman from the Houston area.  He contacted me about learning to fish Canyon.  He stated that he has fished the lake 10 to 12 times and has not been able to catch much so he needed instructions for catching bass in  deep clear water, like Canyon.  He is a professed power fisherman and does very well cranking with bait casters but usually fishes more shallow lakes where the water is off color.

It was a nice day with light winds, mild temperatures and sunny in the afternoon.  The water surface temperature ranged from 54 to 57 degrees.  We fished cranks, jigs, wacky and drop shot.  The only bait that did not produce was cranks.  The first bass was caught on a sunfish colored jig in 10' and then 6 or 8 more in a 13' channel on watermelon pepper Zoom finesse worms.  After lunch we hit a spot that dropped from 12' to 26' at about a 45 degree angle and had cover.  We fished the 26' spot at the break and caught about 18 largemouth within a 20' circle. Most were keepers and all were caught wacky style and drop-shot.

This is an excerpt from his testimony: "I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to learn how to fish. The name of your guide service says it all..."Teach 'Em To Fish" and you certainly did that!"

My wife and I spent the weekend at an old country ranch house close to Round Top and La Grange. We shopped the antique stores and visited the Quilt Museum. The museum is awesome.  We fished for about 4 hours Sunday afternoon on Fayette Lake.  The wind was terrible and overcast skies.  Jan caught one nice bass via drop-shot in 23' and I caught 1/2 dozen on wacky, drop shot and Carolina rig.  The bass ranged from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds.

I fished Canyon again Monday afternoon after replacing the transducer on my Humminbird 958c DI.  After making sure the new transducer corrected the sonar problem, I spent a couple hours fishing. The wind was still blowing extremely hard but I managed to land 3 bass and lost two others.  One was a 15" smallmouth and one was a 16 3/4" largemouth.  They were caught on drop shot and wacky worms in water from 18' to 26'.

I will fish one more time this week and some next week before having another back surgery.  If all goes well, I will be back on the water by mid March.

Barry Dodd

Feb 1, 2013 at 6:59 AM