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Do you launch your boat by yourself?

I’m a freshwater bass and crappie fishing guide in Central Texas and have launched boats by myself for lots of years.  I tried all kinds of launching methods, which all worked, but none were without issues.  So, I decided to try something different and add steps to my trailer at the bow.  I began researching boat trailer step manufacturing companies and found several, but only one stood out…EZEE Step, which is located in Iowa.  What impressed me most was they custom make each set of steps and they looked very sturdy.  So, once taking delivery of my new Lund Pro V Bass XS boat, I ordered their steps.

Unlike other companies which offer model choices, EZEE Step takes a very personal approach.  They actually talk to you directly.  They request photographs of YOUR boat and trailer and instruct, very precisely, how to measure the exact step placement.  Then custom make each set of steps to YOUR specific boat/trailer specifications and needs.  It takes about a month to get the custom made product delivered, but well worth the wait.

EZEE Step affords me the safety of leaving my boat securely positioned on the trailer when launching.  I simply climb the rock solid steps to board on the boat’s bow, start the motor and back off the trailer.  It could not be any safer or easier.

Launching a boat by yourself does not have to be difficult and frustrating.  Let EZEE Step custom make a set of boat trailer steps for your boat.  You will not regret the investment!  Research for yourself at and then call 1-815-252-6771

Barry Dodd - Teach ‘Em to Fish is a very satisfied customer.

Apr 18, 2018 at 9:25 AM