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Canyon Lake Fishing Report 1/18/13

Canyon Lake Fishing Report 1/18/13

My guided trip was rescheduled for Monday so I took the opportunity to fish a nice weather day and study the lake's structure.  For those who have fished with me, you know that I spend the majority of the time fishing deep water so understanding structure and water temperature is very important.  I am always watching the electronics and learning as much as possible about finding those hidden fish catching jewels.

I enjoyed my time on the water because for the first time in over two months, I was able to fish the lake with light winds, 5-8 mph.  Early, the wind was from the north and then switching to the SSE.  At about 10:30, when I launched, the temperature was right at 40 degrees and topped out at 64 degrees.  The sky and the water was clear.  Using my Fish Hawk DT temperature sensor, I recorded the water temperature at  55.4 surface, 54.0 at 25' and 53.2 degrees at 70'.  The entire water column temperature is stable so fish can be located at almost any depth.  I have caught bass from the surface down to 50' so understanding structure and how bass relate is extremely important to locating and catching them in all weather conditions.

I had surgery on my right hand just before Thanksgiving. My hand is still in a brace and weak so spinning tackle and minimal casting is all I can use right now.  That's not all bad because it forces me to work on certain techniques and experimenting with different baits.  Yesterday, I was experimenting with fishing drop-shot and jigs using a Berkley 4" chartreuse colored Crawler most of the time.  I caught only one bass on this bait and it was drop-shot with the Crawler hooked wacky style (through the side instead of nose hooked).  It was 12' deep on top of a ledge which dropped off to 70'.  I caught two other bass using a 3 1/2" pink/chartreuse plastic worm.  One was in a similar spot and the other was suspended just off a hard flat bottom close to cover in 26'.  I saw another fisherman catch a bass on a shad colored deep diver from the top of a ledge in about 20'.

Continuing to catch fish in all weather conditions is all about studying, learning, practicing and experimenting. Contact me today and schedule your trip.


Jan 19, 2013 at 11:09 AM