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Canyon Lake Fishing Report 1/11/13

Canyon Lake water temperature is still dropping.  I did some experimenting for about four hours, yesterday.  I tried several different locations, structure, lures and depths.  The rainfall and colder weather, over the last few days, caused the water temperature to drop a little more.  This translates to using smaller baits and working them slower.

When crossing the Guadalupe River, I could see the river was flowing much better which puts some fresh water in the lake.  This water movement caused the temperature to cool the deeper water.  Surface temperature is now 56 degrees, 25’ is 55.3 and 60’ is 54.3 degrees.

I fished mid lake from 7’ to 55’ using drop-shot and jigs on light spinning tackle.  I landed three normal size bass in 17’ to 25’.  Two were caught on light pink with chartreuse tail worms on drop-shot and one on a light black/chartreuse jig with the same color Berkley Gulp Killer Worm.  I did not fish deep ledges, as normal, but rather flats and points with rock piles or other forms of bottom structure.  I could see the fish on my Humminbirds hugging the bottom and fished mostly vertical.  Wind was a major factor at 17 to 23 mph.  It was cloudy almost the entire time and the air temperature was about 68 degrees.

It’s not fair weather fishing time but some bass can still be caught.  These are the times to really learn how to fish.  Contact me, schedule a day, and let’s go learn more about bass fishing and catch some fish.

Barry Dodd

Jan 12, 2013 at 8:59 AM