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Canyon Lake Fishing Report - 1st of February 2013

I fished Canyon Lake three times in the past week.  Each trip was productive with 18 to 30 bass day each half to full day.  The weather varied a lot those three days from calm, sunny and warm to cold, cloudy and windy.  The surface water temperature ranged from 54 to 61 degrees during the time and the water clarity ranged from extremely clear to a little cloudy in the creeks.  It seems as though the bass are preparing to move from the deeper water into the shallows to spawn within the next few weeks.  This will all depend on whether the weather turns warm or gets colder again, as normal during the San Antonio Livestock and Rodeo time frame.

The pattern has not changed for the past couple months.  Most bass are being caught on breaks lines in 13' to 26' and best close to cover.  I fished all over the lake and that same pattern works everywhere.  The key seems to be finding these conditions out of the wind as much as possible.  The one day the wind was calm, I caught bass in the wide open middle of the lake just as easily as finding those spots out of the wind, when windy.  The bass are still lethargic and fishing close to the bottom with very slight movements seems to produce the best.  Drop shot and shaky head jigs rigged with 4" to 6" thin watermelon colored worms or using a 6" to 7" worms rigged wacky style produced 90% of the bass, largemouth and smallmouth.  I mostly use 12# white Izorline braid with an 8# Izorline XXX co-polymer leader on a spinning reel and rod for most presentations.

Unfortunately, tomorrow morning, 11 February, I am having a third back surgery in the span of 10 months.  I will not be fishing for a few weeks so there will not be any fishing reports during this time.  I will, although, spend some time writing about some of the fine products I use and also about some techniques that should help you catch fish.

May God Bless you with happy and productive fishing!

Barry Dodd

Feb 10, 2013 at 8:43 PM