Drop-Shot Weight Keeper

Top View

Side View

Most all quality fishing rods are designed with a hook keeper above the handle. However, using the hook keepers on drop-shot rods leaves the weight dangling, which is a nuisance.  I have tried all kinds of add-on gadgets, including rubber bands to hold the weight, but none last and many are just downright awkward. After some frustration, I decided to design an effective, permanent and easy to use weight keeper.  This is how it’s done. 

Begin with hard stainless-steel leader wire about 0.029” diameter and bend the wire to look like the shapes at the right.  Next take a hammer (chasing hammer works best) and an anvil to flatten the two wire ends that will be wrapped.  Then take a file and taper those ends so the wrapping thread will smoothly ride up and lay over the ends. Next wrap the keeper ends to the butt end of your rod and finish with rod wrap epoxy.

The final product should look like the photo on the left. The line just slides under the weight keeper and holds it in place until ready to pull out and use.  Being that it’s easy, effective and permanent, I have found it a great asset and no longer have weights dangling around. Let me know how you like it.

Barry Dodd –Teach ‘Em to Fish Guide Service

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