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Fishing has always been a part of my life.  Weslaco, in deep South Texas where I grew up, was a wonderful place for fishing, especially at Falcon Lake and in Mexico.  In the early 70's, while in college, I was introduced to bass fishing tournaments and I was instantly hooked (pun intended).  I fished many tournaments and some special fishing buddies (now renowned pros), encouraged me to fish the BASS circuit with them; however, raising my kids took priority. Through the years as time permitted, I guided part-time but my real focus was as a full-time parent holding a full-time job.  Now, with grown kids and retired from corporate life, my energy is directed towards being a full-time freshwater fishing guide.

My passion is learning to be a better angler and sharing my knowledge through instructional training, on and off the water. I am blessed with the desire, perseverance and patience to instruct others.  I relish every opportunity to promote fishing and education.

Group instruction allows anglers, young to old,  to aquire information gained from years of experience, ask questions and get answers.

Fishing class instruction

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The National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) is a non-profit, member-based association dedicated to sportfishing, for which I am a menber. The NPAA’s membership is composed of tournament anglers, professional guides, angler educators and sportfishing/marine industry professionals who are passionate about the sport. The NPAA’s mission is: “To increase the professionalism of our members as we work to grow and protect sportfishing.“

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Statement Of Faith

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as a teenager and have never strayed far from Him. However, I have had moments where I was mad at God and did not understand His will for me. My life has been filled with trials and suffering to test my sincere faith. God never deserted me nor turned His face from me.  However, I do not and will not ever deserve His great love or grace.

I believe God gave man freewill to accept and obey Him or deny and disobey Him. God allows us this choice. As a father, I fully understand the heartache of a child’s choice to deny his father, and the never ending desire to have that close father child relationship, again.  However, I cannot fully comprehend God’s love to give His only son to die on the cross for sinful man (like me), for the expressed purpose of paying our penalty for sinfulness, when we truly deserve death, rather than life.

So many people falsely believe they cannot accept Christ until they are "better" or "good enough". They feel uncomfortable in a church with all those “too gooders” or "hypocrites" but what they fail to see is the truth. Church (worship service) is really like a hospital for sinners. People go there because they are “sick” (sinful) and want to get “better” (closer relationship with God).  Every single person in attendance is “sick”; some more so than others.  If they are not “sick” (sinful) and do not need God’s provisions, they would have no reason for attending and fellowshipping with others, just like them.  Worship is a place to heal, right alongside all the others in attendance.

God's provisions, His love and His comfort are exactly what each of us need. None of us could ever be “good enough” for heaven without the perfect sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His Son.  Jesus paid the penalty for your sinfulness and mine but we must believe, accept and obey Him to receive the heavenly rewards awaiting our confession and be a follower of Christ, a Christian.

If you have a desire to know more about this special gift awaiting you, please allow me to talk with you. Anytime!

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Canyon Lake Guadalupe bass
Canyon Lake largemouth bass
Canyon Lake 5 lb largemouth bass